Ensure The Safety Of Your Carpeted Stairs With Routine Carpet Cleaning

Posted on: 1 June 2016

Having carpeting on your stairs can be a much safer option than hardwood and other bare surfaces, but there is still a chance that you could slip going down the stairs. While you may be unsure of how carpet cleaning can help make your stairs safer right now, it's the good idea to look into what kinds of benefits you can expect by getting carpet cleaning and what additional risks you may create by letting your carpets get dirty or worn down.

Loose Fibers May Be Missed—Something That Can Cause Slips

When your carpeting isn't cleaned regularly, you may not notice small loops in the carpeting due to loose fibers. These loops can create slip points on the stairs, leading to a potential fall. This becomes even more so if you're going up or down the stairs without looking at your feet. Vacuuming the carpeting on your own can often lead to you missing loose fibers that may cause an issue, making professional help something to seek out.

Professionals can take a close look at the individual stairs, along with the edges of where the carpeting meets the wall trim. What this can do is make sure that there is no fraying or pieces of carpeting that is being pulled up along the edges.

Worn Down Carpet Can Reduce Traction

When your carpeting begins getting worn down, it can often make it less secure due to the grip being removed or the surface of the carpeting going flat. One way that your carpet can become worn down at an increased rate is a lack of cleaning. When dust, hair, and other grime gets stuck in the carpet, it can lead to the carpeting going flat and not being as in good condition as it should be. With less traction, the chance of a fall increases significantly.

Extensive Traffic Can Lead to Filthy Stairs

Along with all the improvements and benefits of getting your carpets cleaned regularly, extensive carpet cleaning can also make the carpet look much better. Since your stairs are often stepped on more than other areas in your home due to the limited space that is used for going up and down, making it very likely that the carpeting will be much dirtier. With this in mind, it's best to rely on professional help that will be able to give your carpeting a much more thorough cleaning then cleaning on your own due to professional methods such as steam cleaning.

As you look into why should your carpets should be cleaned by professionals, you'll begin to see that letting your carpets stay dirty can be an increased risk for falling down the stairs. For more information, contact a company like Spotless Carpet Cleaners & Janitorial Services Inc