Carpet Care Details

Posted on: 3 June 2016

Learning tips and tricks for caring for your carpet will help you to keep it looking good longer. This will help you with maintaining a home that you feel proud of when you invite guests over. It can also prolong the amount of time you can go without needing to have your carpet replaced, which can be a large expense you may have a hard time fitting into your budget. Reading this article will help you to learn ways you can help keep your caret looking better longer.

Rearrange your furniture often

You should try to move your furniture around often when you are concerned about keeping your carpet looking good. When you have your furniture in the same spots for long periods of time, it invites everyone to follow the same foot path when they walk through the rooms. This creates high traffic areas. These areas will endure more wear and tear and the areas underneath the furniture will get no wear and tear. When you rearrange your furniture, try to do it in a way that creates a new traffic area so the carpet wears evenly.

Use area rugs

Another way that you can go about preserving the carpet in those high traffic areas is to use area rugs and runners to cover them. This way, the rugs will take most of the impact of all the traffic put on them. However, you will need to lift them up and vacuum under them regularly so you don't end up with that previously mentioned flatness.

Have the carpet professionally cleaned

You should have your carpet professionally cleaned at least a couple of times a year. This will help to remove dirt that's deep down in the carpet and it will help to keep it fluffier and looking newer. The carpet cleaners will also use industrial strength cleaners that do a better job of removing stains.

Vacuum your carpet often

Even if your household is great about not getting dirt on the carpet, you still want to vacuum your carpet often. Removing dirt may be the main reason for vacuuming, but it isn't the only one. Vacuuming also pulls the carpet up and fluffs it. This will help to keep it looking nice longer. When you let long periods of time go between vacuuming sessions, the carpet can lay flat for too long. Once it is allowed to lay flat, it can be difficult to get it to fluff back up again. Anytime your vacuum gives you trouble, make sure you take it to a vacuum cleaner repair shop, before the problem gets worse and you have to completely replace it.