Keeping Your Company's Carpeting Clean During Inclement Weather

Posted on: 4 June 2016

If you recently had new carpeting installed inside your company building, you will want to take the needed steps in protecting it from unnecessary wear. During inclement weather, your carpet will be prone to an abundance of debris left behind as people walk upon it. To reduce the risk of altering your carpet's appearance, take the following precautionary steps to protect it during stormy weather.

Keep On Top Of The Weather Forecast

Knowing when inclement weather is supposed to hit will help you prepare for carpet protecting at a higher level. When you hear there is supposed to be precipitation in your area, take the time to protect high-traffic areas by placing rug remnants or rigid plastic floor runners upon them so your carpeting will be less likely to become a victim of debris. Wash and dry any previously used entry mats so they are ready to soak up moisture easily without obstructions in the way of the absorbent fibers.

Alert Visitors To Be Respectful Of The Flooring

Gently remind visitors to take the time to wipe off their feet as they enter your building. Place a sign in the entryway for them to read as they come inside. Make this a friendly reminder by adding a picture or whimsical slogan along with the request to take care of moisture removal upon entry. This will help get the word across to others about your concern for your carpeting without being overly demanding about the habits visitors use upon entry.

Spot Clean Promptly To Avoid Dirt From Settling

Take the time to vacuum dirty areas right away by using a soft-bristled brush attachment. Do not scrape the material but instead hold the attachment a bit above the carpeting so debris is eliminated without spreading it into the fibers further. Consider applying a carpeting protectant frequently so debris remains on the surface where it can be whisked away by a vacuum with ease.

Increase Cleaning Frequency To Eliminate Debris

If you have a commercial cleaning service come to your business regularly, you may want to increase the frequency in which they tend to your carpets during inclement weather. They will take the time to treat the carpets effectively with the appropriate methods needed to keep them looking fresh and clean. Carpet steam cleaning can be done each weekend to remove debris before a new work week begins. If the carpeting becomes muddy during the day, call the cleaning service for an emergency cleaning session so they can effectively remove debris before it dries and becomes embedded in the carpeting.