Have A Carpet Beetle Infestation? 3 Ways To Keep Them Away After Carpet Cleaning

Posted on: 6 June 2016

Carpet beetles are nasty creatures that will not only destroy the carpet in your home, but most fabric. So, it is essential to eliminate them as soon as you notice an infestation. While you can certainly call a professional exterminator to handle the problem, you can opt for an alternative route. This course involves getting your carpets professionally cleaned while investing in your own preventive measures.

Deter Bird Nests in the Backyard

Although you may love the idea of birds coming to your property and creating a nest, you may change your mind once you find out that these nests are sometimes the reason that carpet beetles get into homes. While you can relocate bird nests, you may not actually have easy access to them. If you have tall trees on your property, they could go completely unnoticed even after a thorough scanning. So, it is best to do everything you can to prevent birds from wanting to create a nest in your backyard.

Food is one reason that birds will come. So, you should check out the birds that are native to you, find out what they like to eat, and then avoid growing these plants and remove any that you have. Keeping your trees pruned will minimize the number of branches that are ideal nest candidates.

Add Screens to All Windows

Carpet beetles are small, but they are not tiny like fleas. So, you can prevent them from getting inside your home with excellent insulation and making sure to seal up cracks under doors and in electrical boxes. It is also possible for your windows to invite these pests inside when they are not screened. The risk is also present with a screen that is not tightly secured or when it has large holes. Ideally, you should keep replacements with you and make sure that your window screens are always in excellent condition. This will prevent carpet beetles from slipping inside and wreaking havoc on your carpet again.

Create a Barrier for Your Home

Since these pests come from the outside, you need to block their entry. Creating a barrier around your home with insecticide will hold off carpet beetles and plenty of other pests for several months. It is crucial to focus on every entry point including the garage, patio, and the corners of both doors and windows. Applying insecticide to the corners of your floors is also a good thing to do before and after carpet cleaning, as the carpet beetles can hide in the tiny crevices where machines are not able to reach.

When you invest in these methods, you can get carpet cleaning with confidence, knowing that they will not come back again in the near future and ruin the recent beautifying of the carpeting in your home. Contact a carpet cleaning company like A Clean Slate for more information.