Home Maintenance Tips: The 3 Most Critical Things You Can Do To Keep Your Roof In Good Shape

Posted on: 13 June 2016

On average, an asphalt roof lasts about 20 years, depending on the weather where you live. If you experience a lot of harsh weather, such as snow, ice, and high winds, your roof may not last as long. Likewise, if you fail to maintain and care for your roof, it will not live to see the ripe old age of 20. Since replacing a roof is so expensive, you probably want it to last as long as possible. If so, pay attention to thee three critical things you must do to keep your roof in good shape. 

Clean Your Gutters

Gutters that are clogged with debris don't work properly. Instead of directing water away from your home, they allow water to accumulate around the edges of your roof. After a heavy rain or heavy snow fall, water and melting snow can work their way up under the shingles of your home, causing catastrophic problems. To prevent this problem, you must clean your gutters. Plan on cleaning them twice a year, four times if you have a lot of trees. 

Check the Seals

Your roof has lots of areas where water can seep in. Any type of protrusion, such as a vent or chimney, has to be sealed properly to prevent problems. Over time, the rubber and flashing around these protrusions can fail due to harsh weather conditions and animal activity. Check these seals periodically to make sure they're in great condition. You might want to perform a thorough inspection any time that you're on the roof to clean gutters or take care of another issue. If you see any issues, such as cracked rubber or raised flashing, have them repaired immediately. 

Repair Your Roof

Small repairs are easy to put off because they don't seem like a big deal. When it comes to roofs, there's no such thing as "not a big deal." Any time you have a raised or missing shingle or some other minor repair that needs done, see to it immediately. It's a good idea to check for problems with each inspection and gutter cleaning. You should also inspect your roof from the ground after every major storm and bout of high wind. 

As you can see, there are several critical things you must do to keep your roof in great shape. It all comes down to maintenance. If you maintain your roof properly, you will get the maximum life out of it. Contact a business, such as Nothing But Clean Window Cleaning, for more information.