Has Hidden Cat Vomit Turned Into Carpet Stains? 3 Ways To Keep This From Happening Again

Posted on: 14 June 2016

Carpet cleaning is something that you should expect to do every 1 to 2 years, depending on traffic levels. This timeframe can change if something drastic happens to the carpet, such as large stains. It is usually not too difficult to keep an eye on the carpet where it is visible, but what about the hidden areas? Under beds, couches, chairs, side tables, and inside closets are not always that easy to see in their entirety. If you have found cat vomit in these areas, you may have needed to get carpet cleaning right away. So, after getting it taken care of, you should do what you can to keep it from happening again.

Switch Their Food Gradually

One reason that cats vomit is when they are immediately introduced to new food. Their body gets used to having the same food day in and day out, and a sudden switch can lead to an upset stomach. So, not only should you methodically introduce food a little bit at a time, you should keep treats to a minimum.

Keep Closets Closed

If you want to avoid coming across stains in closets, you should just keep them closed at all times. Although it depends on the kind of closets you have, your cats could try to push them open. In this case, you should get a wooden stick that you can put in between the closet door railings to keep them locked in place.

Restrict Access Under the Bed

If you are in the market for a new bed frame, this is the perfect opportunity to get one with storage. These ones typically prevent your cats from being able to get underneath by filling it up the area with drawers. When you do not intend on going shopping, you should find an alternative solution. The easiest way is to get plastic bins that match up with the extra space that you have underneath to avoid leaving gaps.

It is important to do this with any other furniture in the house. The couch is likely going to require the slimmest plastic bins because there is usually not much space underneath. When this method is not proving to be completely effective, you can use items around the house to fill in any extra openings. Yoga mats, summer throws, or winter blankets are a few examples of things that easily close the gaps.

Cat vomit is not fun to clean up, especially after it has settled into your carpet. Taking measures to prevent this from happening will keep you from having to get your carpets cleaned ahead of schedule.

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