How To Get Oily Spills Out Of Your Carpet

Posted on: 14 June 2016

Spilling anything on your carpet can be traumatic, but when that spill is oily, it's especially frustrating. You can't just soak it up and hope the oil slick look will go away. Follow these steps to thoroughly clean up an oily spill and leave your carpet looking as good as new.

Step 1: Scoop up as much of the spilled material as possible.

If the oily substance has not fully soaked into the carpet, try so scoop up as much of it as you can to prevent any more of it from soaking in. A good way to do this is to use two butter knives. Place one on either side of the spill with the flat, non-sharp sides facing each other. Push the knives towards each other. The spilled material should sort-of mound up on top of them. Wipe the knives off, and repeat this step a few times.

Step 2: Soak up material with a paper towel.

Take a paper towel, and hold it between your fingers. Then, start pinching little pieces of the carpet fibers between your fingers (with the paper towel wrapped around them). The oil will absorb into the paper towel. Keep using new segments of paper towel , and keep going until you've pinched all of the fibers at least once. The more oil you can get out of the carpet at this stage, the easier it will be for your cleaning products to penetrate the carpet and work properly later on.

Step 3: Apply a dish soap spray.

Dish soap is the perfect product for this task since it's specially designed to cut through grease. Fill a spray bottle with water, and add a generous squirt of dish soap. If you have the ultra-concentrated kind, that's best ā€“ but regular concentration will work, too. Spray the soapy water onto the grease spill area. Then, start pinching carpet fibers with paper towels like you did in the previous step.

Once you've sprayed the entire stain and pinched all of the fibers, repeat this step again. Then, set a thick stack of paper towels on the spill area, and press straight down on it to absorb any extra liquid.

Step 4: Shake on some baking soda.

Pour a generous amount of baking soda onto the spill area. Let this sit for about a day. It will absorb any excess liquid or grease. Vacuum it up, and enjoy the clean look of your carpet.

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