3 Reasons To Have Your Office Cleaned At Night

Posted on: 21 June 2016

You probably already understand the importance of keeping your office clean. However, you might have never thought much about the time of day at which your office is cleaned. Instead, you might have always had it cleaned by janitorial staff during the daytime and during office hours. Even though this is certainly better than having a dirty office, there is a better alternative -- hiring a nightly cleaning crew to clean the office in the evening hours, when all of the employees have gone home for the night. These are a few reasons why this can be a superior option.

1. Allow for a More Thorough Cleaning

Even though your existing janitorial crew might do a good job of cleaning the office, there's a chance that employees, clients and others in the office get in the way of a truly thorough cleaning. If there is no one in the way and the crew can work anywhere in the building without a problem, there's a good chance that the job will be done even better. This means that your office can be cleaner than ever, all while making things easier on your cleaning crew and your employees, since they won't have to worry about getting in the way of one another.

2. Avoid Strong Cleaning-Related Smells

Some people are particularly sensitive to the smells of cleaning supplies. This means that your clients or your employees might be bothered by the smell when your janitorial crew is in the office doing their job. By having the cleaning done at night instead, you can help prevent these issues. Although the office should smell nice and clean when everyone arrives the next morning, the cleaning odors shouldn't be quite as strong.

3. Start the Day Out Right

What is better than starting out the day in a nice, squeaky-clean office? Having your office cleaned at night helps ensure that you and all of your employees can start the day out right and that clients who come in first thing in the morning will be able to see your office in tip-top shape.

As you can see, a nightly cleaning service can actually be a superior choice for many offices when compared to having a janitorial crew work during the day. Consider talking to your existing janitorial crew or looking into hiring a nightly cleaning service like NYC Office Cleaners so that you can change the cleaning schedule and enjoy these benefits and more.