Two Ways Green Cleaning Products Can Make A Difference In Your Life

Posted on: 27 June 2016

Whether you've used bleach-based cleaners all your life and recently had a wake-up call (such as finding your two-year-old attempting to pour them down her throat) or whether you've always advocated for using more natural cleaning supplies, choosing your cleaning products carefully is essential for safety and good results. And when you choose products that lack the aggressive and harsh chemicals found in conventional cleaners, you can change your life for the better in numerous ways. Not only will it make your day-to-day life more eco-friendly, but it can also have a real impact on your own and your family's health. Here are two ways your life can improve when you start using natural plant-based cleaning products.

1. Improving air quality

In addition to keeping a few large potted plants in your home to soak up harmful VOCs, you can improve your air quality by not spraying these VOCs around in the first place. According to the EPA, harmful VOCs can come from cleaning products and can irritate your respiratory tract, give you headaches, and even cause more severe health problems such as liver damage. In order to avoid polluting your home when you're just trying to clean, you can switch to healthier, less chemical-based cleaners. In a lot of situations, you may even be able to forgo using store-bought cleaners at all, instead using soap and elbow grease or easy do-it-yourself cleaners made from baking ingredients. And when you hire professional cleaning services, you can choose a company that uses non-toxic plant-based cleaners.

2. Protecting children and pets

If you have small creatures in your household, whether they're pet birds or mammals or even young children, their smaller size will make them more susceptible to the presence of harmful chemicals in the air. These smaller creatures are often especially susceptible to chemicals used on the floor or carpet, since they live closer to the floor than adults do. Using green cleaners can protect these vulnerable members of your household and put your mind at rest.   

These two aspects of natural versus chemical cleaners demonstrate how the issue of green cleaning is much more complex than just taking care of the environment. If any of these benefits sound important to you, maybe you should look into alternative cleaners to protect yourself and your family. Use non-toxic cleaners for daily cleaning tasks and be sure to hire only cleaning companies who use these safer cleaners (or who will agree to use your own products when cleaning your house). Contact a cleaning service like Deep Cleaning to find out if they can clean your house in a green way.