How To Clean The Very Challenging Frieze Carpet

Posted on: 8 July 2016

There are a great many advantages to owning a frieze carpet. But one of the disadvantages of this choice is that frieze carpets are very difficult to clean. These carpets can be deceptive because they will conceal dirt and will therefore not look as dirty. However, there can be a great amount of dirt underneath that still needs to be removed. But with the right vacuum and the right cleaning methods, you can keep your frieze carpet clean.

Choose A Version That Is Easier To Clean

One of the benefits of frieze carpets are that they are very durable because of their long and twisted fibers. However, these characteristics also leave behind places where dirt can hide and can be much more difficult to remove. If you are getting a new carpet, you may want to choose a type that is easier to clean, such as nylon. Wool frieze carpets, on the other hand, can more easily absorb stains and can be more difficult to keep clean.

Use The Right Vacuum

If you are vacuuming the carpet yourself and you notice that the carpet is beginning to shed or that there are fuzz balls across the carpet, this indicates that you are using the wrong vacuum. The best vacuum for frieze carpets are those that use a beater bar. The beater bar agitates the carpet fibers and can help draw the dirt out of the carpet. If you notice resistance as you try to move the vacuum across your carpet, you will probably need to raise the height of the beater bar.

If you are not able to raise the height of the beater bar, the best option, though often the most expensive, is to get a vacuum with a beater bar that raises and lowers automatically and that comes with powerful sensors that detect when the carpet is dirty and use an indicator light so you know to vacuum more thoroughly.

Use The Vacuum Properly

If you have the right type of vacuum, you should vacuum high-traffic areas once a day and you should vacuum low-traffic areas once a week. Frieze carpet has a high pile, so vacuum your carpet on the highest setting.

The best way to have frieze carpet cleaned is to have the job handled by a professional carpet cleaner like Personal Touch Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning. They know the right type of vacuums to use that will be effective and will also not damage the carpet.