5 Professional House-Cleaning Tips

Posted on: 15 July 2016

Cleaning house can be quite a pain, but once you get your house clean, it can be easy to keep it that way. One option is hiring a cleaning service like Harper's Carpet Cleaners to get your home clean, and the other option (if a cleaning service isn't in your budget), is to clean your house yourself using cleaning techniques that the pros would use. See below for tips on how to clean your house like a professional.

1. Dust First

Dust your home before vacuuming, as the dust on your furniture or shelving can fall to the floor. Use a microfiber cloth to dust to keep from spreading around more dust like regular cloths can. Take items off of shelves or dressers and then dust rather than just dusting around your items. Then dust the items and knick-knacks as well before putting them back in place.

2. Soak Showers and Bathtubs

While cleaning the bathrooms, soak the shower stall or bathtub using your favorite cleaning solution. While the shower or bathtub soaks, move to the sink and then to the toilet. Once these areas are completely clean, you can move to the shower or bathtub to scrub it clean. 

3. Vacuum with Baking Soda

Get your carpeting clean and smelling fresh by vacuuming with baking soda to soak up any bad smells that may be lingering in your carpet, such as pet smells. Simply sprinkle baking soda around your carpeting (paying special attention to the high-traffic areas), and allow the baking soda to sit on the carpeting for about 15 minutes before you vacuum it up. To give your carpet an even fresher scent, add about 10ā€“15 drops of your favorite essential oil to the baking soda before sprinkling it around on your carpeting. 

4. Scrub Floors

Once you have dusted and vacuumed, you can move to the rest of your floors. Use a broom to get up as much dust as possible, or use the vacuum-head attachment to vacuum. (Using the beater bar of your vacuum could ruin the floors). Then use a cleaning solution to scrub your floors so they shine again. You can use a regular mop or a stick mop with an attached pad. The type of floors you have determine how you should clean them. For tile, laminate, or vinyl floors, you can use mild detergent and water. For wood floors, you want to stick with wood floor cleaners and make sure you wring out your mop so as to not soak the wood, as too much water can damage wood floors. 

5. Put Away Clutter Last

While cleaning, you may have noticed quite a bit of excess clutter. Put this clutter into a pile to put away when you are finished cleaning. Doing so while cleaning can side-track you and make you lose your focus. Instead, put everything into a pile or in a laundry basket to be put away when you are completely finished.

You can get your house to look like it was cleaned professionally. Work your way from the top to the bottom and keep your focus while cleaning to get the job done quickly.