Three Tips For Preparing For Carpet Cleaning

Posted on: 12 September 2017

Getting your carpets cleaned is an excellent way to extend their lifespan and minimize the negative effects of built-up dirt and grime. However, the process can be time consuming. Here are a few things you can to do prepare your home for a professional carpet cleaning that will help you save time and minimize any damage to your belongings.

Clear the Area

The first thing you should do is clear out the area as much as possible. This typically means moving furniture and items to other spaces that aren't being treated (or are getting cleaned another day). This minimizes the amount of work the cleaners must do to access the carpeted areas underneath those items.  Additionally, some companies charge extra to move furniture around, while others won't touch your belongings because their insurance policies won't cover any damage they may cause. So to save yourself some money and ensure the entire carpeted area in the space gets treated, relocate your stuff.

Relocate Pets

Equally important to moving furniture, you should also relocate your pets. Securing pets not only keeps them from getting in the cleaners' way while they're performing their job, it protects your animal friends from fumes and chemicals that may be harmful to them. It's a good idea to have your pets stay at a friend's home or to board them at a doggy care center for a day until the carpets have completely dried and the area aired out.

Preclean and Mark the Carpet

The third thing you should do to prepare your carpet for cleaning is to vacuum it, as most cleaning companies typically will not do it for you. Vacuuming helps remove debris that could clog the cleaning equipment as well as make easier to identify areas that need special attention. Be sure to use a broom or hand vacuum to get rid of dirt in corners and along the wall edges where regular vacuums generally can't reach.

After vacuuming, inspect the carpet and use sticky notes to mark stains that may require special treatment, such as wine stains and pet urine. This can make the cleaning go faster because the technician will be able to use the appropriate chemicals to get those stains up instead of having to waste time guessing.

For more tips on preparing your home for professional carpet cleaning or to schedule an appointment to get your carpets cleaned, contact a local company.