Five Questions For Window Washers

Posted on: 29 May 2018

You may be very diligent about cleaning your offices regularly, but windows are often ignored. Windows do need attention from time to time throughout the year, especially if they become stained from bird activity or debris from the environment. If you determine that your windows need cleaning from a professional window washer, ask these questions.

What Kind of Chemicals Do You Use?

Chemicals used can affect the windows themselves, as well as coatings, frames, and other materials on the building. For this reason, you may want to ask about the chemicals any window washer uses. You might even want to seek those who only use natural, non-caustic materials that are proven to be safe for windows like yours.

What Hours Will You Clean?

Most window washers are likely to perform during the same hours that you and your own employees work, which is likely during daytime hours Monday through Friday. Window washing is not always distracting to employees inside; however, if you think your staff will be inconvenienced, look for washers that will offer weekend or night hours to accommodate you. Be aware that those special hours could cost more.

Does Your Insurance Cover All Workers?

Because window washers will be scaling your building to clean windows on upper floors, it's vital that they're covered by insurance if they fall or otherwise injure themselves. Ask directly about the insurance coverage of any window washer so you feel confident that their employees and freelancers will receive adequate insurance without needing to use your own liability insurance. 

What if Damage or Injuries Happen?

Even after knowing more about insurance coverage, it's also wise to come up with specific plans that can be followed if anything should happen to window washers, your employees and clients, or the windows themselves. Having these discussions now allows you to think with a level head so that you don't act rashly in emergencies.

How Can I Save Money?

Regardless of the size of your budget, looking for an affordable deal is common. Ask about whether a washer will charge per window or offer a lower rate for doing all the windows. Discover whether discounts exist if you're willing to go on a long term contract or if you refer other businesses.

Getting windows washed professionally can enable your windows to reflect the rest of your building and business. Discuss options with local washers to find the best window washer services in your area.