Moving? 2 Reasons You Should Hire A Cleaning Team To Help You Out

Posted on: 20 July 2019

If you are moving, you have enough on your plate between sorting, packing, and figuring out all the logistics that come with moving without having to worry about cleaning up your old apartment or home. Instead of worrying about cleaning up your old home, you should hire a relocation cleaning team to help you out.

#1 Make Sure You Get Your Deposit Back

Security deposits used to require you to put down a small amount, such as a hundred or two hundred dollars. This fee was generally designed to cover someone coming in and cleaning the place once you moved out.

However, security deposits have become much more expensive. It is now common for a landlord or rental company to ask you to put down anywhere from one to two full-months' rent for the security deposit. That is a pretty good chunk of change. If your rent is $1,2000 a month, and you had to put that amount down or even double that amount for a security deposit, you are going to want to make sure you get that money back.

One of the best ways to get your security deposit back is to clean your apartment or house or hire someone to do that for you. You don't want to give up all that money.

#2 Take Another Task Off Your Plate

Next, you should hire a cleaning company so that you don't have so many things to do. If you have not moved in a while, it can be easy to forget how much goes into moving. Not only do you have to pack up your home, you have to take care of hundreds of little tasks, such as changing your address with everyone who sends you bills or you have an account with, finding a new grocery store, finding a new doctor, and all the other little things that make up the moving process.

By hiring a cleaning company, you don't have to worry about getting together all the cleaning supplies, and then spending a day cleaning up your old home after all the moving boxes are removed. You need to be cleaning up your new home and unpacking your new home, not worrying about cleaning up your old place.

If you are moving, hire a cleaning service to come in and clean up your old place. Schedule your moving date a few days before you have to vacate the property, so that a moving team will have time to come in and clean everything up.