3 Reasons To Hire An Occasional Cleaning Service

Posted on: 14 August 2019

Many homeowners are under the mistaken impression they must contract with a cleaning company for regular service. In fact, many cleaning services don't require clients to schedule consistent service at all. This means a cleaning service can be used whenever a little extra help around the house is needed. Here are three examples.

A New Baby Is Coming

Pregnant women often experiencing a "nesting" instinct. This is a deep desire to get everything ready before the baby comes, which includes having the house in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, this desire is often frustrated by the fact that most women who are close to their delivery date have a difficult time maneuvering. Many pregnant women also choose to avoid cleaning chemicals.

A one-time cleaning service can handle those tasks that are difficult. Whether it's deep cleaning the bathroom or scrubbing the walls, a cleaning service can be a great help to expectant mothers. A cleaning service session also makes a great baby shower gift.

The Oven Needs Cleaning

Even when an oven has a self-cleaning function, it still requires the occasional good, manual scrubbing to get it sparkling clean. A clean oven doesn't just look good, either. Dirty ovens can be a safety hazard when food particles catch fire, so clean ovens are safer.

Even if this doesn't cause a major fire, the smoke makes the whole house stink and usually sets off the smoke detectors. This often prompts people to remove the battery on the alarm, which is also dangerous.

Additionally, a dirty oven can give a weird taste to food. No one wants to go to the bother of cooking just to have the end result taste like the burnt ashes laying on the oven floor. However, the chemical products used to clean an oven can be extremely caustic. People who have respiratory issues or asthma should not breathe the fumes from these cleaning products. People who have limited mobility and hand dexterity should also not clean their own ovens as they could get a chemical burn if their skin comes in contact with these powerful cleaners. Hire professional cleaners who know how to handle these chemicals so you don't have to.

The Refrigerator Is Gross

Cleaning the refrigerator is a messy and lengthy job. It's also an unpleasant chore. Food remnants, spilled beverages, and even mold and mildew can make a refrigerator filthy. Taking out all the shelves and trays and drawers also isn't easy, and they can be difficult to get back in. Hiring a cleaning company to handle this unpleasant task will ensure your refrigerator stays clean.

For more information, contact a cleaning company.