Have A Restaurant? 3 Reasons To Have Hoods Cleaned Professionally

Posted on: 24 September 2020

Fume hoods, also called range hoods, are absolutely crucial in busy commercial kitchens. In addition to providing a vented source for cooking fumes, range hoods also help to remove heat from the kitchen area, creating a comfortable space for chefs to prepare their masterpieces. Here are three reasons to have these fume hoods cleaned professionally, instead of having your team tackle it along with other cleaning tasks. 

1. Keep Your Restaurant Clean and Fresh

Over time, grease buildup on fume hoods can start to trap other cooking fumes, creating bad smells. When you walk into the kitchen area, the space may smell musty or dirty, which can be off-putting to dining customers--especially if you have a kitchen that is open to the rest of the restaurant. 

One of the best things about working with professional cleaners is the fact that they can come in, use the proper chemicals to clean and degrease fume hoods, and restore your fume hood's clean, shiny appearance again. As an added bonus, your kitchen will smell clean, which builds customer confidence. 

2. Prevent Fires

As grease builds around your fume hoods, it can create problems with fires. Grease droplets are flammable, and without proper cleaning, the heat and tiny sparks from grills in your kitchen could start a grease fire. If you are hesitant about hiring professionals to clean your fume hoods, remember that it could be an important step in protecting your kitchen equipment and the rest of the building. 

3. Save On Hourly Labor

While you can always have your normal staff tackle fume hood cleaning, there is a decent chance the job will take longer and not be performed as efficiently as when professionals take care of the job. Talk with commercial cleaners about how long the job will take, and compare their costs to the labor costs tied with paying employees to stay after to do the job. Don't forget to calculate the costs of each employee's work individually, since some of your workers may make more than others. 

If your fume hoods could use a little attention, talk with restaurant hood cleaning services to ask how they can help. Talk with them about how they degrease fume hoods, how much time they need, and whether or not the restaurant's kitchen will be good to go the next day. After you find a provider you like, schedule service on a routine basis to keep your kitchen clean.