Short On Time? Hire A Company To Do Your Laundry

Posted on: 19 January 2021

Most people lead busy lives, and their busyness prevents them from having time to do regular chores. If you are short on time and cannot manage all your household chores, you can hire a company to do them for you. You can hire a house cleaning company to clean your home, but did you know that you can also hire a company to wash and fold your laundry? Here are several things to know about laundry services if you think this service would benefit you.

You Can Drop It Off or Schedule Pickup Services

When hiring a company to do your laundry, you have two options. First, you can drop off your dirty clothes at a drop-off location. Secondly, you can schedule pickup services. If you have them pick up your dirty laundry, they might charge an extra fee. However, having them pick it up makes the services even more convenient. When finished, they can drop them back off at your home, or you can pick them up.

The Company Handles All the Details of the Services

When they receive your bags of dirty laundry, they will handle all the steps needed to clean the items. First, they will sort them by color and type. Next, they will check the pockets. Finally, they will look for stains and will treat these before washing them. After that, they will wash and dry your clothes. When finished, they will fold them.

You Can Make Special Requests

As a customer, you can make special requests if you have any. For example, you can ask them to use a specific detergent type. You can also ask them to wash delicate items separately. If you want them to hang your shirts, you can also ask for that. They will be glad to handle your laundry services the way you prefer.

You Can Have It Done as Often as You Would Like

The last thing to know is that you can have this done as often as you would like. Most companies charge by the pound for the services. They may charge extra, though, if they have to pick up your clothes and drop them off, so keep this in mind when determining the frequency.

If you do not want to spend your free time doing laundry, hire it out. You can learn more about the options by contacting a company that offers wash-and-fold laundry services.