Does Your Property Require Mold Remediation?

Posted on: 8 July 2021

Mold is a problem that can sometimes creep on your while other times exploding out of seemingly nowhere. Whether you're looking at residential or commercial mold removal needs, it's wise to identify the issue early and address it swiftly. Here are four ways to tell if a location is experiencing mold trouble.

Discoloration of Walls, Ceilings, or Floors

If you performed extensive testing, you'd find mold in nearly all environments. However, it generally doesn't have enough of the right conditions to blow up into a problem. Mold requires a fair amount of water to stay in one place for a day or two before it starts growing.

The nearly universal distribution of mold, though, means that it resides on almost all surfaces. For this reason, surfaces often show the first signs of mold issues. In one residential mold remediation scenario, a person might first see mold developing on rafters in a musty basement. Mold can have a fuzzy white or gray quality, or it could produce black, blue, or green discolorations. These are most evident on contrasting surfaces, such as black mold appearing visibly on white drywall.

A more worrisome scenario is mold permeating through a surface. If there is dampness behind a wall, for example, the mold may spend months or years slowly soaking through the wall until it emerges through the surface.


Mold has a funky or musty smell. A common commercial mold remediation case involves musty smells coming from in or around refrigerator displays. The condensation in the displays may foster mold growth, particularly if the temperatures are tracking a bit high.


The condensation issue isn't just a commercial problem. You might need residential mold removal help if you see condensation collecting on windows in your home. This can occur if an A/C system isn't exchanging moisture fast enough with the outside air. Rather than dehumidifying the air like it's supposed to do, the A/C setup starts condensing and warming it. That's a perfect recipe for growing mold.


Many types of insects are attracted to the same environments that foster mold. While it's not a perfect sign of mold trouble, it's a sign that something is up. Regardless of whether the problem is mold or not, you're going to want to see what's attracting the bugs. You'll find mold often accompanies them in locations with rotten wood. Also, boring insects can create channels that bring water into structures and promote mold growth.

If you suspect a mold problem, reach out to professionals who provide residential mold removal services.