5 Ways You Can Prep Your Carpets For The Holidays

Posted on: 28 September 2021

The holiday seasons bring a lot of guests to your home than any other time of the year. You want to look your best during the holiday seasons, and this should also extend to your carpet. Your home's cleanliness can be significantly ruined if you have stained, dingy, or dirty carpets, and this is why you should seek carpet cleaning services before the holiday season. Here are a few ways to ensure that your carpets are clean before the holidays.

1. Ensure that you address spills immediately 

When going about your daily routine before the holidays, accidental spills are likely to happen. When they do, you need to make sure that they're addressed immediately. This ensures that the stain doesn't set in. If possible, ensure that you blot the stain instead of rubbing it. This way, you'll remove moisture without the need to rub the stain into your carpet fibers. However, for tough stains, you may have to seek expert carpet cleaning services right away.

2. Keep a welcome mat at the entrance of your home

Placing a welcome mat at the entrance of your home reduces the dirt that comes in contact with your carpet. The ideal mat should be designed with bristles to scrape off mud and dirt from the shoes of anyone coming into your home. While this is the case, there's still a need to seek carpet cleaning services for deep cleaning as the holidays approach.

3. Invest in a spot cleaner

It's essential that you invest in a spot cleaner that works for your preferred carpet cleaner. This will ensure that your messes are cleaned up with ease, and your carpet will look clean and inviting for the guests you plan to expect during the holidays. Additionally, it guarantees the durability of your carpet.

4. Don't forget to shake and rotate your carpet

Another excellent way to be sure that your carpet will be in great shape for the holidays is to shake them out. While your vacuum cleaner does an excellent job at removing dirt, it won't remove everything. So, before you can start your routine cleaning, make sure that you take your carpet and rugs outside and beat them to remove excess dirt and debris. It's advisable to seek professional carpet cleaning services in addition to this small maintenance task.

5. Get a shoe tray

If you enter your house regularly with wet shoes, it can significantly damage your carpet. This is because they track in moisture, dirt, and other chemicals from outside. Therefore, you can be certain that the elements won't ruin your carpet as you prepare for the holidays by installing a shoe tray where people place their shoes as they enter your home.

When you consider the steps highlighted above, you should be assured that your rugs will look clean and beautiful. It's also a great idea to seek the help of professional carpet cleaning experts for a more inviting place for your guests.