Dirty Grout? Follow These Tips To Keep It Looking Good

Posted on: 8 November 2021

Do you have tile and grout in your kitchen or bathroom that looks very dirty? Are you unsure what you should be doing to keep it maintained? It will help to know the following tips for cleaning your tile and grout.

Keep Your Tile Clean By Sweeping Frequently

The first step for cleaning your tile and grout starts with sweeping. Tile is a non-porous material and is not going to absorb any of the dirt or debris that falls on the floor. When you go to mop your floors, you end up pushing all of that dirt and debris into the grout, which is porous. This means that the way that you clean your floor may actually be contributing to your dirty grout. You'll want to sweep up all of the dry dirt and debris on the floor prior to taking a mop to it. The less residue that you get in the grout will result in better looking grout over time.

Pick The Right Kind of Tile Cleaner

When you use a cleaner that is very alkaline, such as bleach or ammonia, it leaves behind a residue buildup that actually attracts dirt to the surface like a magnet. While your floors may look clean soon after cleaning it, they are going to get dirty soon after. Acidic cleaners, such as vinegar, are not great either. They are not effective at moving organic soils found on the floor, and can also cause damage to the grout by weakening it if used enough over time. 

To remedy this, you'll want to get a neutral pH cleaning solution for cleaning your tiles and grout. That's because it is not going to have any of these issues. These are water based cleaners that are more effective at keeping your floors clean. 

Apply A Grout Sealer

Once you have the grout clean, you want to apply a grout sealer to make the material non-porous. It is not going to last forever and needs to be reapplied, but it can go a long way in protecting your grout by acting like a barrier against all that dirt. It's much like putting a coat of wax on a car to give it additional protection.

Have trouble getting this area of your home clean? Reach out to a professional tile and grout cleaning company for their assistance with getting the job done correctly. They can provide more information regarding the tile and grout cleaning process.