How To Prepare Your Home For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Posted on: 3 December 2021

Have you sought carpet cleaning services? How do you prepare to make the service fast and convenient? Here are some maintenance tasks to do around the house to ensure you get the best services.

Identify Stains

Before the carpet cleaning company arrives, consider inspecting your carpet to identify any stained areas or problem areas that need more effort. Every homeowner has areas of their carpet that are dirty or stained, especially those in high traffic areas like hallways.

Noting these areas and letting the cleaners know makes the cleaning process easy and saves you the money you would have paid for another cleaning session. Additionally, if your pets occasionally mess on the carpet, it can cause stains and strong odors. Identifying these stains will help get rid of stubborn stains and odor.

Dust and Vacuum the Carpet

Why would you need to vacuum the carpet before you hire a professional carpet cleaner? Vacuuming the carpet beforehand helps identify stains. It also gets rid of any dirt that may be trapped between the carpet fibers. Thus, when the cleaner arrives, they can easily reach the stubborn dirt underneath. 

Also, to ensure the dust particles don't get back on the carpet, dust the area around the carpet. For example, you can dust the tables or electronics above the carpet. 

Move Furniture and Make All Areas of the Carpet Accessible

Carpet cleaners don't offer moving services, and if they do, they'll charge extra for it. Most cleaners, however, will go around the furniture, leaving those areas unattended. Move the furniture to give the cleaners an easier time cleaning. 

Additionally, if the carpet is clear of any furniture, it's easier to deep clean it. If the furniture is heavy and you don't have anyone to help, you can ask the cleaning company if they offer moving services.

Prepare Your Pets

You also need to find a place to keep your pets until the carpet cleaning process is over. Even the most friendly and welcoming pests can get agitated by the noise that professional carpet cleaners use.

Therefore, find a safe and convenient place to keep your pets as the cleaners get to work. Additionally, you might need to keep them in the room for more than a day if your carpet needs to dry properly before use.

Get Your Quote for Carpet Cleaning Services

These maintenance tips save time and increase the efficiency of the cleaning. With adequate preparation, the cleaners can arrive and begin cleaning immediately without spending time preparing. Schedule your consultation with a carpet cleaning service in your area, such as Ed's Cleaning Service, and get your quote today.