The Use Of A Manway Water Cannon Within An Industrial Setting

Posted on: 18 January 2022

Exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants would be a factor that an employee would encounter if they were to attempt cleaning out a holding tank by hand. Wastewater treatment plants, chemical processing factories, and many other businesses that deal with dangerous materials will require that sterilization efforts are conducted when equipment becomes dirty or clogged. A manway water cannon can be operated remotely and will effectively clean industrial equipment.

Decontamination Essentials

A manway water cannon utilizes electro-hydraulic power to clean and decontaminate enclosed areas where sludge and liquid waste have accumulated. Some equipment that is set up in a factory may contain sensors that will indicate if tubing or a holding tank has become clogged. Other types of equipment may need to be serviced at specific intervals. This may involve monitoring how often equipment is actively used and formulating a decontamination plan that coincides with it.

A manway water cannon is a large piece of equipment that contains a nozzle, a pump, a cleaning head, and a self-supported camera. A waste receptacle may be included with some models, which will allow an end-user to keep hazardous materials contained. 

Operational Strategies

A manway water cannon may be anchored inside of an intermodal container. A container like this is constructed of stainless steel. A manufacturer of the cleaning equipment may have divided the inside of the container into two distinct sections. One section will be set up for the cleaning equipment and one section will be set up for the person who will be monitoring the manway water cannon.

A camera that is used while a cannon is activated will record footage of the inside of the tank that is going to be cleaned. The images will be sent to the operator who is seated in the monitoring section. This will allow the operator to determine where cleaning needs to take place. A joystick or another control device will be hooked up to the cannon. This accessory will allow an end-user to deploy the cleaning equipment and move it up, down, and side to side.

Some intermodal containers that have been transformed into cleaning stations come equipped with temperature controls. The controls can be used to keep the inside of the container at a regulated temperature. Heating and cooling processes are often used with this type of equipment. The processes will allow an operator to remain comfortable while they are operating the cannon.

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