Does Your Commercial Kitchen Have Horrible Odors And Thick Air? Get Duct And Hood Cleaning Today

Posted on: 10 February 2022

If your commercial kitchen has become a space that is full of odors and the air feels thick to breathe, it's time to get the ventilation system cleaned professionally. This is everything from the hood ranges above and vents on the appliances, to the duct system that is connected with ventilation and the HVAC system.

A professional cleaning can greatly improve the commercial kitchen space and is safer for the building. Here are a few reasons why professional cleaning is something you should have scheduled regularly.

Reduce Fire and Hazard Risks

Grease in and around a kitchen is a fire hazard because grease can catch fire easily. If you have a commercial kitchen hood and vents throughout the space, and grease accumulates, these need to be cleaned regularly.

This is a fire hazard that could quickly spread throughout the building and become dangerous almost instantly if a fire were to start in the ducts. The grease accumulation could be significant so don't wait to have the hood and ducts cleaned.

Improve Air Quality and Remove Odors

Removing the grease and cleaning the ducts and ventilation system will help to remove the lingering odors in the kitchen. The smell of a commercial kitchen can become overwhelming, but with regular professional cleaning, you can keep odors to a minimum.

This also will improve air quality. When the fans are on to help pull air out of the kitchen space, air can travel more easily when the ventilation system is cleaned and not clogged. This helps keep air circulation moving and improves ventilation and air quality.

Extend Components in the Building

Grease will start to break down, corrode, and rust metal in the building. This could be the metal on the appliances and even the ducts used for ventilation. The cleaning will remove the destructive grease and help to preserve the components that are needed on the metal kitchen appliances throughout the space, and the hood and ventilation system.

Anyone with a commercial building that has a commercial kitchen needs to do their best to keep the area safe for all. This means cleaning it regularly and preventing unnecessary risks and hazards. Commercial kitchen hood and ventilation cleaning should be something that you have on the calendar regularly. Talk with the local service providers, such as Superior Hood and Duct, to get quotes for the services that need to be done. You can also see if there is an option to pay a year in advance to get a discounted rate.