3 Interesting Things That Affect Water Damage Restoration Efforts

Posted on: 11 April 2022

If a home gets water damage, one of the homeowner's concerns will likely be about water damage restoration. There are several factors that will affect the restoration. Homeowners should keep an open mind if they face this type of situation. They should not try to clean their own homes. There are a variety of risks associated with DIY cleanups. The following points identify a few things to keep in mind about the water damage. These things will affect restoration efforts.

Time Elapsed

Some types of water damage events are immediately evident, and the water may still be present when the homeowner reaches out for help. This allows for a faster response and prompt restoration efforts. However, there are a variety of water damage events that can happen that homeowners may be oblivious to. Leaking pipes behind walls, roof leaks, and water-damaged basements are examples of situations that can go on for a while before the homeowner is aware they have an issue. Time elapsed is important because the restoration efforts may need to include mold remediation and replacing building materials. 

Type of Water

The type of water that causes the damage is important to know because of safety concerns. Water that may contain pathogens or chemicals is handled differently. The water damage restoration company will need to know the source of the water. This helps them to determine the contamination risks and appropriate cleanup efforts. If the restoration involves a plumbing issue and raw sewage, the cleanup efforts have to be more aggressive for safety reasons. There are three categories of water in water damage scenarios. 

Area of Damage

Some water damage affects one room or a small area of a home. Small area cleanups are not necessarily easier to complete especially if the affected room is the bathroom. This is an area that is responsible for handling waste and could be highly contaminated by different types of water, chemicals, and human waste. If a whole home is affected by the damage, the cleanup process is likely to be more complex and take longer. The type of water that caused the damage will be a key factor in assessing the damages. 

A water damage restoration company is a good resource to use to learn more about cleanups. They can offer advice on proactive steps homeowners can make such as removing electronics from the home. If there are safety concerns, they can advise the homeowner on how to safely retrieve items from the home if permitted.

For more information on water damage restoration, contact a company near you.