Restoring And Extending The Life Of Your Wooden Play-set

Posted on: 29 June 2022

The extravagant wooden play-set that you'd purchased for your kids years ago may now be looking tired and worn. Fortunately, with a little care, that play-set can last several more years before you'll even need to consider replacing it. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you do just that.

Pressure Wash the Play-set

Pressure washing the play-set will remove years of dirt, moss, and insect nests that may be hiding in the nooks and crannies. For best results, hiring a professional pressure cleaning service to tend to this step of the project will ensure that you don't cut into the wood with the water.

If the nozzle is held too close to the wood, it can cause it to gouge and splinter. The professional will know what, if any, cleaning products will need to be used, and have the necessary equipment and the proper nozzle tips for each surface of the play-set.

Seal the Wood

Once the wood is clean and dry, apply a coat of deck sealant to every wooden surface. Don't forget the underside as it is prone to staying damp longer due to the lack of sun exposure.

You can choose from colored sealant or choose clear to maintain the natural wood look.

Inspect the Screws and Hardware

After years of use, some screws and hardware can begin to rust or come loose. Now is the perfect time to inspect all of these components. If you find a loose screw, apply a bit of clear nail polish to the thread and screw it into place. The polish will help lock that screw into place and prevent it from coming loose again.

Paint Touch-Ups

The chains and other painted metal pieces should be cleaned and repainted. If you notice rust forming, sand the surface, wipe it clean, spray it with primer, and then a coat or two of exterior metal paint.

You can also take this time to apply touch-up paint to any of the painted bolts, screws, and hardware.

Once everything is clean and freshly sealed, it will be ready for several more years of entertainment for your kids and all the other kids living in the neighborhood. With the proper care and repeating this process every few years, the set could easily last long enough to entertain your future grandchildren. Talk with your local pressure washing professional to begin phase one of restoring the play-set and extending its life for years to come.