How A Residential Power Washing Company Makes Your Detached Garage Look Fresh And Clean

Posted on: 14 July 2022

If you have an outbuilding or detached garage, it may get neglected since the building isn't part of your house like an attached garage is. It may fill with clutter, dust, bugs, dirt, and spider webs. Mice may move in during the winter and leave a musty odor behind. Rather than waste the space the building offers, consider cleaning it up so you can use it for storage or for a workshop.

Start by emptying everything from the garage and sorting what you want to keep. Before returning items you want to store, power-wash the building inside and out so it's fresh and clean. Here's how a residential power washing company can help.

Start With The Inside

A professional understands the amount of power needed and the right tip to use so your building isn't damaged by the powerful jet of water. They can power wash the floor to get out stains and dirt. Then they can wash the garage door to get rid of dirt and debris.

The residential power washing company might use the power washer to clean other walls in the building, but it depends on what the walls are made of. If a power washer isn't suitable, they may cover the walls with plastic sheeting to keep them dry. You can then wash the walls yourself later with a bucket of water and a sponge to remove odors and dirt. 

Another important point about power washing the inside of your detached garage is that the area should dry out quickly, so you may not want the work done when it's rainy.

Power Wash The Exterior

Once the inside has been cleaned, work can begin on the outside. Not as much care has to be taken with the outside walls since they are made to withstand rain and water.

The residential power washing company may clean your roof and siding to make the building look clean and new. If the paint is old and chipping off, it's still good to have the building power washed to remove chipped paint, dirt, and spider webs before the new paint is applied.

You may be surprised at the difference in your building once it's been power washed. The inside and outside will probably seem much brighter. The inside should smell fresh again and be a more welcoming space to use. Once the building is dry, you can return your storage items and think of ways to organize the building so you can always find what you want and leave plenty of room to work in the building too.