The Water Damage Restoration Process

Posted on: 16 November 2022

If you need to hire water damage restoration professionals, you're unfortunately dealing with a stressful situation. As difficult as things may be, you need to act quickly regarding water damage, or the problem will worsen significantly. The longer you hold off, the more damage there will be, and your property will likely have serious mold issues.

What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage can occur from natural sources, like strong storms and floods, or a problem with your plumbing system, like a burst pipe. You could even get water damage from a broken water bed, fish tank, etc. The water restoration team can't do anything to help you if the water is still flowing in your home, so you either have to wait for the storm or flooding to pass, for someone to repair the broken pipe, etc.

Once you hire a water damage restoration company to assist you, this is how the process will go:

Assess the Damage

Once the restoration company arrives at your property, they will assess the damage and make a plan to handle it. They'll consider the severity of the flooding, safety concerns, which areas are affected, how many people they'll need to tackle the job, etc.

Decide How You Want It Handled

After the water damage restoration team assesses the damage, they'll speak to you and ask you what you want them to do. They know what to do to restore your home, but you might have special requests or have things you want to be saved and other things you don't care as much about. Once they know of all of your concerns and special requests, they will begin their process.

Water Removal

The first thing the water damage restoration team will do is remove all of the remaining water. They need to act quickly so it doesn't spread into other areas and worsen the damage. Removing sitting water quickly is vital to start drying and prevent mold and mildew issues.

Removing Damaged Items

Once the restoration team removes the remaining water, there will likely be many damaged items, destroyed carpets, etc. They will remove all of these things and discard them for you. If there's anything you want to try to salvage, let them know, and they'll put it aside.


Once the restoration team removes the sitting water and damaged items from your home, they'll start drying everything. They must dry everything completely to stop mold and other problems in their track, including inside walls, all floors, wood beams, etc.

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