Hire House Cleaners Often To Help With Dog Sitting In Your Home

Posted on: 10 January 2023

When you have a passion for pets, you may find it difficult to find a reliable job you love that involves working with them. Becoming an in-home dog sitter is an excellent solution, and you may have built up a loyal clientele where you see the same dogs throughout the year. Early on, all your access to free time might have allowed you to clean the house effectively. 

This responsibility becomes a significant challenge when you start watching more dogs and have your hands full regularly. Hiring house cleaners often is an excellent strategy that can solve this house cleaning issue while also providing other benefits for your business to enjoy.


A major part of house cleaning is consistency. Ideally, you want to keep up with cleaning throughout the week to prevent dirt and grime buildup from happening. When buildup sticks around without being cleaned, you may notice it becoming more difficult to remove. An easy solution is hiring cleaners once or twice a week to handle this somewhat light cleaning.

When you compare what your house looked like before watching dogs, you may realize how much hair and dander dogs can drop. Watching multiple dogs inside your house at one time and caring for multiple breeds in a week can create a house with widely varying dirtiness.


Most of the house cleaning you need may be something you can handle and plan. However, you might experience cleaning emergencies on rare occasions, especially when watching multiple dogs. A huge bathroom accident or another urgent accident may warrant you to call house cleaning professionals right away to get same-day cleaning service.

Ideally, you want your routine cleaning company also to offer emergency service. This setup is advantageous because your cleaners are already familiar with your home. They may even have property access, which allows them to handle cleaning tasks while you are away.

Time Demands

When you begin watching more dogs than in the past, you might notice that your time and ability to clean the house diminishes. House cleaners become even more valuable because you want and need to present a clean, safe, and healthy home for your dogs and their owners.

A smart move is to plan house cleaning to happen when you are not watching any dogs. This part is important because it ensures cleaners can work without being disturbed.

Hire house cleaners regularly to help with your dog-sitting responsibilities. Reach out to a home cleaning company to learn more.