Paver Sealing Makes Your Driveway Attractive And Protects The Pavers From Stains

Posted on: 22 March 2023

If you've recently gotten a new concrete paver driveway, you may want to have it sealed to protect it from stains and give it a wet or shiny finish. Even if your pavers are old, it's not too late to clean them up and seal them. You may need to wait a few weeks until you can seal a new paver driveway, and the work will probably need to be done in a certain temperature range and in dry weather.

A paver sealing contractor can explain all the details when you call for information or to set up an appointment. Here's an overview of the process.

Clean The Pavers

Before paver sealing can be done, the pavers have to be cleaned. If the pavers are new, that shouldn't be too difficult. All the contractor may need to do is wash the pavers and let them dry thoroughly. If your pavers are old and stained or have weeds growing between them, they may need to be cleaned more aggressively with stain removers and scrubbing. Once cleaning is complete, old pavers may even need more sand added to the joints before sealing is done since the joints are also sealed. The contractor may clean your driveway one day and seal it the next. If so, they may use a broom or leaf blower to clean the pavers one last time before the sealant is applied.

Apply The Sealer

You can discuss the type of sealer you want before the work begins. A glossy sealer makes your driveway look wet and clean, but if you don't like that look, you can get a sealer that's invisible once it has dried. It usually takes a few people to apply the sealer. One person sprays the sealer over a small area and the other people spread it around evenly with paint rollers.

When the first coat is dry, a second coat is usually applied in the same manner. After that, the contractor might ask you to wait a day or so before you park on the pavers so the sealcoat has plenty of time to dry before being disturbed.

Paver sealing usually lasts a few years, and then you'll need to have a new coating applied for ongoing protection. The length of time a coating lasts depends on the weather conditions and how much use your driveway gets. When you see weeds growing in the joints or when the gloss wears off, you can tell it's time to have paver sealing done again. Paver sealing not only protects your pavers but also makes your driveway more attractive. 

For more information about paver sealing, contact a local company.