How Carpeting Traps Pesky Odors And Prevents A Clean Smelling Home

Posted on: 28 April 2023

If your house is smelling a little musty or stagnant, it may be time for a deep clean. Whole house cleaning isn't just for springtime, anytime is the best time for a good scouring of the walls and floors, especially carpeting. Here is how carpeting traps odors and what you can do to make your home smell a little nicer. 

Harbors Dirt and Dander

The fibers in carpeting are a magnet for dirt and debris. Everyday use can track in dirt that brings stinky odors inside. If you have pets, their hair and dry skin attach to carpet fibers before falling to the base of the carpeting. Daily and frequent vacuuming helps to keep this problem under control, but a good carpet cleaning is the best way to smash odors and refresh the carpet. 

Professional carpet cleaning uses a hot water and cleaning solution to loosen up dried, caked-on dirt and dander. A brush helps remove trapped, stuck-on stains. Then the dirty solution is sucked up and dried to reveal a fresh, clean carpet. 

Traps Bacteria

Many newer carpets have sealants and fire-retardant sprays direct from the factory that help make them more stain resistant. While this does work, they can still harbor bacteria. This can lead to mold and bacteria growth beneath the surface. This is where a lot of odors, including old pet smells remain. To eliminate these smells, go past the surface with a high-powered cleaning system. Since powders and spot cleaning generally do not get rid of bacteria and dander completely, it's only a temporary solution.  

Calling in professional carpet cleaning services is a good start. They will remove bacteria-laden areas by targeting dirty fibers. Using a neutralizing cleaning solution and drying the area completely helps stop odors immediately. 

Accentuates Bad Smells

To achieve a clean-smelling home, focus on the carpeting first. Air fresheners, candles, wax warmers, and room sprays just mask disgusting smells. Because a lot of spills and stains lie beneath the surface, carpet odors just keep going strong. Carpeting is an odor magnet. 

When you clean carpets with a chemical or non-chemical solution, the goal is to destroy stains and odors in their tracks. Heat, along with eco-friendly or organic cleaning solutions, is another option. When choosing the best cleaning option, make sure the cleaner actually breaks down stains; otherwise, they can resurface a few days later. Ask your carpet cleaning professional what options they offer. 

The goal of achieving a clean and fresh-smelling home is not out of reach—it starts with the carpeting. Calling in the pros is your best bet to get that deep down clean below the surface. It will instantly refresh your entire living space. 

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