Three Reasons To Have Professionals Clean Your Staircase Carpet

Posted on: 18 July 2023

Cleaning staircase carpets is a sometimes undervalued part of residential maintenance, especially given how much footfall they see. Compared to many flat and more easily accessed carpeted areas, stairs are often overlooked. This isn't the case just in homes either because commercial premises with carpeted stairs often have a dirtier appearance in their stairwells than other parts of the building, too. The fact is that carpet cleaning should be given the same degree of attention regardless of where the flooring has been fitted.

This is why it is often advisable to book professional carpet cleaners who can usually carry out a superior job with staircases. Read on to find out why staircase carpet cleaning is best left to experts.

Deep Cleans

To begin with, because staircase carpets usually endure high traffic, they will, on the whole, accumulate more dirt, debris, and allergens than most other locations. After all, the mere act of ascending or descending stairs means that greater pressure is placed on the carpet covering their steps. As a result, you'll often notice more grime being driven deeper into the fibers. Of course, regular vacuuming will alleviate this. That said, professional carpet cleaning services will mean obtaining access to specialized equipment and personnel. If you want to eliminate these impurities from your stairs, then only high-grade cleaning solutions and powered dirt extraction methods that can penetrate carpet fibers deeply will be sufficient. For that, you really need professional cleaners.

Avoid Tricky Work

Bear in mind that staircases present a physical challenge when cleaning that isn't the case with other carpeted locations. Firstly, they are a restricted space by their very nature. Equally, cleaning them means going up and down a great deal with the potential for falls. In some cases, cleaning tools and vacuum cleaner attachments are inadequate for the job. This is where the expertise and equipment that professional carpet cleaners have can make such a difference. If you want to avoid cleaning carpets in the most awkward part of your home or business premises, then the best thing to do is bring in experienced contractors to do the job instead. Doing so will save you significant time and effort, after all.

Carpet Integrity

Lastly, staircase carpets sometimes feature intricate designs and higher-quality materials. They are typically much more costly to replace than carpets and rugs that are laid on floors. This means they should be handled carefully during any carpet cleaning process to preserve their looks without harming the integrity of the weave. Certain DIY cleaning methods can lead to unwanted results, such as color fading, fiber damage, and even structural degradation. For this reason, the know-how of professional cleaners can be invaluable in overcoming the specific challenges associated with staircase carpets.

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