Returning From An Extended Camping Trip? 3 Reasons To Rely On Dry Cleaning

Posted on: 1 June 2016

If you've just returned from going camping for a number of days or even over a week, you likely have a lot of clothing and other linens that will need to be washed. While you can wash them at home or by visiting a laundromat, it's a much better idea to look into the possibility of relying on a dry cleaning business. While you may not want every article of clothing cleaned at a dry cleaning facility, there are a number of situations where dry cleaning can be helpful for campers.
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Three Reasons To Consider Stone Resurfacing To Repair Concrete

Posted on: 14 August 2015

When concrete gets damaged, you have to consider the cost of repairing the concrete. Pitted, cracked, uneven concrete is an accident waiting to happen. If a neighbor slips on concrete chips that sit on your walkway or driveway, you could be facing a lawsuit for failure to maintain your sidewalk if your negligence led to bodily harm. Replacing a damaged concrete slab can be costly. Resurfacing the concrete, on the other hand, can be advantageous.
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